I have had so much fun painting sweet mother/father and child moments! (Although I am certainly not limited to these!) I would be happy to create either a charcoal sketch or painting for you. I can do both realistic or abstract work, depending on your preference. 

Higher resolution photos are needed for people portraits with faces showing. Professional photographs are recommended unless you have a very nice camera. 

Commission one painting and contact me regarding photo canvases of your painting to give out to family as the perfect gift! Also available for custom framing. Email me at
 Commission a unique portrait of your family today!

For pricing information click here: "Pricing/Commissioning"

Mother and Son 11"x14" oil
Sweet Hayden 18"x24" oil

Bowman Grandaughter and pup 18"x24" oil
Scott Family 16"x20" acrylic and oil

Nifong Grandchild 11"x17" Charcoal/Pencil

Nifong Grandchild 11"x17" Charcoal/Pencil

Soy and Blue Bear 11"x14" oil
Bride 11"x14" oil

Branch Painting 5"x7" oil
Nephew 12"x16" pencil/charcoal
Sawyer Boy Painting 5"x7" oil
Branch, Michael, Georgia, and Sawyer 5"x7" oil
Study of an Andrew Wyeth, "The Struggle" 20"x22" oil

Sweet Whitten 11"x14" oil
Ben 11"x14" oil

Butler Cousins Painting 16"x20" oil
Steinbicker Cousins Painting 11"x14" oil
Koufman Kids (Background 1) 18"x24" oil

Koufman Kids (Background 2) 18"x24" oil

Sawyer Portrait 8"x10" oil

Barefoot Family Portrait 18"x24" oil

Rucker Father/Son Portrait 8"x10" oil with Custom Frame

Moore Children Painting 16"x20" oil

Gardner Father Son Painting 11"x14" oil

Mary Emmens and her dogs 18"x24" oil

Gardner Daughter 18"x24" oil

Sisters 16"x20" acrylic and oil

Bess and her Grandfather 11x14 oil

Lassiter Children Painting 18x24 acrylic and oil

Lassiter Children Painting 18x24 acrylic and oil with Custom Frame with edge

Lassiter Children Photo Canvas Copy of Original Painting

Margaret and Betsy 11x14 Painting acrylic and oil

Thomas Family Portrait 18"x24" oil

Thomas Family Portrait with Custom Frame

Cousins Painting 16x20

Megan Painting (oil) 8x10
Makenna Painting 8x10
Moore Children Paintings 8x10 oil

Moore Children Paintings with Custom Framing

Paine Children Pastel Drawing and Custom Frame with Glass

Brennan and his Mommy Painting 11x14

Branch Abstract Portrait Painting with Custom Frame

Branch and Sawyer Pastel Drawing 12x16

Poindexter Cousins Painting 11x14

beach portrait painting
Branch Sr. and Jr. 16x20 acrylic

Evy painting 12x24

Evy painting plus custom frame

Bondurant Family Painting (Original) 8x10

Framed photo canvas of original painting
Bottom left is original. Others are printed photo canvases to give as gifts.

Mary Emmons Painting with Custom Frame
Aaron and Brady Painting 8x10

Aaron and Brady Painting with Custom Frame

Georgia Sketch 11x14

Georgia photo and sketch

Georgia Sketch and Custom Frame with Glass
Everhardt Family Painting 11x14

Everhardt Family Painting with Custom Frame

Grow Children Painting and Custom Frame
Holden and Taylor Painting 16x20 acrylic

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