Pet Portraits

dog artPets are a very special part of many of our lives. They are our babies, our sleep mates, and our best friends. Commission a painting today of your furry loved one for yourself or for the person you love. Some of my pet portraits are funky and colorful, some more restful and realistic--depends on customer preference. All that is needed is a fairly high resolution emailed photograph and a description of the companion I will be painting. 

For pricing information click here: "Pricing/Commissioning" 

Dudley Painting 12"x12" oil
Piper Painting 8"x10" oil
Haley 8"x10" oil

Biscuit's Nose 24"x24" acrylic and oil

Cotton 11"x14" oil
Ivy 8"x10" oil
Sweet Hayden 18"x24" oil
Ferris Painting 24"x30" acrylic and oil
Koufman Pets 16"x20" acrylic
Trooper 8"x10" oil

Carter Painting 18x24 oil

Barley 8"x10" oil
Crane Pups 11"x14" oil

Lilly Painting 8"x10" oil

Callie Painting 11x14 oil
Testimonial for Callie
"I was simply stunned on how great it looks. You captured Callie perfectly. The painting is really a treasure to me as Callie is 12 years old and I don't know how many more years
I will be blessed with her.
Thank you so much for lending your amazing talent to something
I will enjoy for many years down the road.
Bradley Campbell."
--I love my job :)
Heidi and Gertie Painting 11x14
Jax 11"x14" oil

Phoebe Painting 8x10

Molly Painting 11x14

dog painting
Winston 16x20
colorful dog painting
Libbie 16x20
Libbie and Winston. Commissioned to be hung together.

Ollie Painting 8x10

Bristol 16x20

Wilson 8x10

Huxley Painting 11x14

Artemis Painting 11x14

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