Saturday, May 25, 2013

Children's Rooms/Nurseries

 I have had the privilege to decorate several Nurseries. I will happily come to your home or give you my opinion through photos of the room. I create a wide variety of children's art from window valences, to murals, mother/father/child art and more! 

Starting with my son's room below.

click on any picture to scroll through!

Sawyer's Nursery
We purchased our home when I was pregnant with my second son, Sawyer. I saw this room and believe it or not, knew it was going to make an absolutely adorable nursery. A lot of paint and a few sweet blankets later, it became everything I had imagined.
Sawyer's Room Before

After. The fireplace was "child proofed" by taking an old picture out of its frame and spray painting the frame. I attached some 1 x 4s to its edges with liquid nails. After purchasing a piece of plexi-glass to fit inside the frame, I bolted the frame to the fireplace using two screws. Obviously the fireplace isn't currently usable but it is inexpensive and simple to remove for future use.

I picked out the fabrics for the embroidering and my friend Audrey Thompson sewed them for me. I cut mattes and spray painted the frames for them. I also "white washed" the original brick to soften it.

Sweet little hearts trail over my sweet little Sawyer.
Name painted on wall
I made the window valence and hand sewed the fish on there. I will be happy to make a window valence for your home. View "Pricing/Commissioning" link for more information.

Allie's Nursery
Allie's Mural. View "Pricing and Commissioning a Portrait" posting for more information regarding murals.

Small table refinished for Allie's room. View "Pricing/Commissioning" link for more information regarding hand painted nursery furniture.

Evy's Nursery

This was an old mirror that I covered in mosaic materials.
Evy's 3 doggies painted for her nursery.

Branch's Room
I painted a nursery for my firstborn son, Branch in our old home. When we moved to our current home, I wanted to give him a room that was less "nursery" and more "little boy." The room is still a work in progress as he has yet to transition from a crib to a bed. Obviously, a little girl lived in his room prior to our family.
Branch's Room Before
Branch's Room After...So far. I painted the basketball player on the wall because he is obsessed with sports :)

Cameron's Nursery
This painting was specially created for Cameron's Zebra/Giraffe themed Nursery

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